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10 October 2015 @ 03:28 pm
Verses Post  
Note/s: Sam is normally played up to date, canon-wise, but I'm flexible.

as of yet untitled!verse with justholleratme: Sam and Claire's story isn't an easy one. For a start, they didn't give each other their real names! He was meant to just... deal with the case, ship out of town and meet Dean. He didn't plan to stay because he found something - someone - to stay for - INACTIVE?

as of yet!untitled verse with allmenarebeasts: played at various stages of their relationship to their subsequent break-up: the fact Sam managed to pull such a hot chick is clearly the better question for his brother to tackle than the fact she is a Slayer... and his complete opposite.

If you want / already have a verse with Sam and feel I need to add? Comment! >D

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